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I was researching E-Cigarett's as a way to quit smoking.

That being said, I found a website that was expounding the virtues of using E-Cigaretts as a safer alternative to smoking and a possible way to quit!

The same site (which I personaly believe to be owned and operated by Regal Cig's) offered the company as a "saviour" which would send you a starter pack of everything you needed for only $4.95 S&H.

After I ordered, I found link's on the internet that basically stated that once they had your credit card number, if you did not return the entire order (less one cartridge or something to that effect) they would bill your credit card $119.00 (+ or -) plus about $60.00 for refill's on a regular basis. Unless I called their customer (lack of) service department for a return authorization number for return info. The clock start's cliking from the moment of shippment not receipt. If you do not return in time, you get stuck for the $119.00. If you do, and you only get to try one cartridge, you still get stuck with a restocking charge

Within 30 minutes of ordering, I called them back to cancel my order. The were having nothing to do with that idea and told me that the order was already processed and ready for shipment (after business hour's on a Friday evening so they could have stopped it if they wanted to!).

Unfortunatly, being a trusting (stoopid) individual, I did not read the term's and conditions that basically stated that once they had my credit card number I was basically SOL.

I was also asked "did I really expect to get $119.00 worth of product for$4.95?"

I called my credit card company about 40 minutes after I told them to cancel the order, told them the sad tale, was told that the $4.95 from these vultures had already been charged to my account. The Credit card company dissalowed the charge and at my request cancelled the card so they could no longer have access to the account.

I emailed their customer support (LOL) department and informed them that I considered the order cancelled and that could ship only at their own risk!

Guess what? I got an robo response with the same phone number that I used to cancell the order! Also, when I called to cancell and was told to go to heck, I asked to speak with a supervisor, surprise, none was available and I was promise one would call me back. Guess what has not happend?

Stay away from these rip off artist

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Dec 05 Fort Worth, Texas

I just looked and they charged my bank acct. 3.96, 1.99 and two ICBA fees. I called up and talked to Charlie, ID#2040192, and he just kept going on doing the salesman pitch. Finally he let me talk to his supervisor, Ian, ID#4946. His number is so much shorter because he's been there for at least a couple years. He said he's going to put my money back into my acct. For one thing, you don't take more than you say you're going to. Everything they are doing seems illegal. I got these because my bank offered me a gift. What kind of gift do you have to return after paying for it? I'm writing this because I just talked to them 1/2 hour ago and they promised everything is cancelled. It's 12/05/2014 at 3.58AM. I can't believe they are still hustling at this hour.

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Nov 08

My daughter is going through the same with this company! I wish she had checked into the company before ordering! And the worse thing of all is she had/has problems with her lungs due to the use of this. Everyone one out there who is thinking of trying this product PLEASE don't. They are nothing but, a rip off!!! This company should be ASHAMED of themselves!!

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randy allen

Oct 31 Monroe, Georgia

same thing $4.95 offer approved by me,they automatically withdrew $130,one hundred thirty dollars, outta my bank account.I shall ask for my money back,first,no result i shall sue whomever to get my money back.

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Oct 28

I saw the ad also, nothing is free! If you scroll down to the bottom of their ad (which I did) you will see "disclosure". Once I read it it said everything that you just mentioned, so needless to say I X'd out of their site!

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Sep 18 San Jose, California

I am so pissed off I ordered the 4.95 trial on the 29th of August and they say they shipped the product on Sept 2nd..I did not receive anything..and i was *** charged $119.95 .....thats how They rip people off the *** do you start a trial when you order it all legal companies start trials after someone receives it and trys it wtf...I'm so pissed off...they want to refund half of the money and let you keep it.!wtf who the *** wants it after this........!!!!!!!!!!!

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convertible joe

Aug 24 Brooklyn, New York

Fucken scammers...they bill you 119.00 right from the start....kiss my *** losers....I cancelled the charge.....stay away ....If u wanna stop smoking....Make good

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Jul 09

I agree Totally please , please read before signing up for this e-cig this is a TOTAL RIP-OFF . They should be ashamed of themselves but I am ashamed of myself for falling for such a rip-off .Horrible Customer Service was called told them to cancel & they sent the kit anyway charged $ 119 that I did not have especially since I am not employed. BEWARE they WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY !!!! I am so mad calling my bank in the morning to see if anything can be done this Company is a SCAM BEWARE !!!!!

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Jun 26 Alliance, Ohio

It just recently happened to me. I called Walmart. my bank, and Better Business Bureau. The trick is to get you to pay for the shipping and handling to get your card number. Then they whack you two weeks later with the $119 charge. According to the bank, Regal must have known there is a loophole in the law. Since I used my card for the shipping and handling they actually didn't steal the card number from me so it is not considered a fraud.

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Jun 21 Greenville, Texas

I got a free gift from amazon .com for these e-ciggarettes and was going to just try them because they said I won it. I found out in about 3 days they had billed my account for 119.00. I am so mad and want this taken care of. How do you stop payment on such a hoax?

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Jun 02

Hmm...I just got a starter kit for free in the clue how or why, as I'd never even sign up...I wonder if it has something to do with me recently signing up on

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Sep 18 San Jose, California

Has nothing to do with Marlboro.. Ive been with them for years a great company but this joke of a company rips people just happened to me and I sent it back today and I'monly getting some of my money back..tthat's not right at all!!!!!

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May 13

This company is truly a scam, they are not forthcoming from the beginning. I cancelled within 12 hours on the phone and was told that it was too late as it had been processed for shipping, the package was received 10 days later. The guy on the phone was so rude told him if I couldn't talk was hanging going to hang up, told him that's faster than Amazon for processing, as I tried to talk to him. He kept interrupting not letting me talk. The product was shipped out of Tolleson, AZ, with a Tempe AZ address of 405 W. Fairmont Dr. Tempe, A Z 85282 was on the shipping label. The absolutely worst thing ever tasted the raunchy smell lingers for hours, its ***! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY PLEASE!!! I hung up from this ***. How can someone like this be in business is beyond me, making hundreds of thousand dollars! WHAT A SCAM FOR SURE! Placed order on a Sunday night, Monday morning called to cancel. There were no the terms and conditions on the order form that I had, I tried to tell him! :( ! LOST THE MONEY, Dont do it!!!

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The Man

May 12 Phoenix, Arizona

O.K. you are all right,this site or people are stealing money on purpose.They also tryed to charge me a restocking fee or half off to keep it.When I made the phone rep. read me the 100% money back gurantee posted she told me to read the terms and conditions.I had her read it to me and she couldn't find where it says restocking fees.She then had a loss of words like a retard.I felt sorry for her begging me to send the e-ciggs back.Before I hung up the phone she admitted I was and you all are right.

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May 10

I also ordered regal cigs .I thought I would give it a try. What a mess. i called back before the trial period ended. First they said I would be charged a 20% stocking fee. I could not believe they would charge this, and then have me pay to return the cigs. I didn't even have time to smoke all the figs. What a scam. Oh in the terms and conditions it says not for sale in Oregon. I asked to talk to a supervisor, he was the supervisor.He said I could have them for one more week. I think I will call my bank and see what I can do. I think this is a rip off.

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May 08

I had the same experience with this scam operation. Nowhere on the site does it say where they are located. Sites does have Huge red letters "Risk Free" and probably tiny print of the actual hidden somewhere in the site (I didn't see it). They charged the $119 on my debit card which overdrew my bank account. So the $4.95 item now cost me $119 plus bank OD charges. I eventually got the bank charges reversed. I came home and reported them to the BBB about this scam site. Don't fall for it, :( period!

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May 07 Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hi.Not trying to be anonymous, here just plugging in to say the same happened to me..I was also told I could not have a refund..when I explained my intent to pursue both criminal and civil sanctions.I was offered a 50% REFUND....After vociferously explaining my unwillingness to accept anything but full re-compensation.they relented and gave me a refund...The scam on me was worse though.I supposedly got this pack for 4.95 shipping because I took part in a survey. I will not be so gullible in the future....This Company is obviously trash

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